PECO power outage map in pennsylvania

As of 3/8/18 at 11:50 am there are still over 95,000 homes without power.  Bucks County, Montgomery County and Southern New Jersey’s Burlington Counties have been the hardest hit in the metro Philadelphia region.  PECO estimates power outages for these location.   Crews from all over the country have been dispatched to the Philadelphia region as a result of the 2 storms that hit over the past week.   More than 8,500 in Bristol Township and 6,100 Middletown Township have no power. According to information from PECO, nearly 5,700 in Falls Township also have no power. In Lower Makefield, there are 8,000 without power.  Total outages in Bucks County are now exceeding 63,000 as a result of the nor’easter storm. PECO is reporting a total of 95,000 outages.

PECO power outages have been rampant in the past 3 years with over 1.5 million homes losing power for extended periods of time – longer than 1 day.  In this recent storm – there have been reports of customers losing complete power for longer than 7 days which could end up being several weeks by the time PECO outage crews catch up to more rural areas.

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