Fortrezz Exterior Water Shut-off WV02ACT50US

Outdoor Water Valve Actuator

– WV-01 uses a motorized ball valve that automatically turns off the main water supply when a leak or overflow is detected.
– Contains a brass valve with commercial grade seats and seals
– Comes in standard pipe sizes 1/2″ , 3/4″, 1″ , and 1 1/4″ (1 ½” and 2” sizes available by special order).
– Can be used as an irrigation device
– Multiple WV-01 and WV-02 Valves can be used and programmed in a Z-wave Network.
– Certified with the latest Z-wave ZDK 4.51
– Meets the standards of state and municipal authorities
– Will qualify for insurance premium discounts for flood protection insurance. (ask your insurance company for specific details)
– Three indicator lights:
– RED – The valve is closed
– YELLOW – Mode: Z-Wave network status
– GREEN – The valve is open
– Has two tactile switches to manually activate the valve
– When a water event occurs the system automatically sends you an email, text message, or phone call depending on your Z-wave home controller settings
– Can be remotely operated (internet, phone)
– If a leak is detected by any Z-wave compatible Water Alarm Sensors the WV-02 will shut off the water supply. It can automatically trigger a wired or wireless alarm system.

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Prevent water leaks from getting out of control and damaging your property with the FortrezZ Z-Wave Automated Water Shut-off Valve (Outdoor, U.S.). This waterproof outdoor model is NEMA 6-rated for homes with a water supply line located outside, in a crawl space, or in a meter pit below grade level. As soon as a water leak is detected by a water sensor (one included), the included indoor Z-Wave module triggers the motor (included) and the valve (sold separately) to automatically close and shut off your home’s water supply, immediately eliminating the chance of extensive property damage.

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