Financing a Home Generator

how to finance a home generatorThere are many reasons to purchase a generator.  Peace of mind, an uninterrupted life, health concerns, safety concerns, freezing pipes, and flooding basement to name a few.  But the biggest obstacle for most U.S. consumers is cost.  With a generator and installation costing approximately $10,000 for the average size home in the U.S., this investment can be difficult for many people.  Nearly 50% of all consumers finance home improvement projects over $5,000.

Fixing a Broken System.  Sadly, the financing system is broken for both the buyers of the generator and the dealers that sell them.  Today companies that offer financing charge the dealer between 5%-10% to offer financing to their customers.  Thus the dealers lose money each time a customer purchases using their financing so most don’t offer it and don’t want to.  

Why use The Mobile Grid?  Our mission to help U.S. consumers purchase generators.  We think it’s critically important for many reasons.  First, we know that the nations’ electrical grid system is inadequate to handle current and growing energy needs.  Second, our changing weather patterns are resulting in extreme weather conditions like hurricanes in Florida and Bombogenesis (yes, that’s a real thing) that occurred in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and along the Northeast.  These massive storms have knocked out power for over 8 million people in 2018 and 2017 for extended periods of time.  Third, the massive influx of smart home technology – our homes are much more power-dependent than in the past.  The average home has 10 connected devices (iPhone, iPad, Smart Appliance, Lights, etc.) which will not work when the power goes out.  Finally, as our population ages, we are more dependent on our home power for safety and security issues.  These are compelling reasons to purchase a home generator.  Financing it is where we come in.

Financing for Dealers.  We will be offering this financing to other dealers in the near future.  If you are ready to purchase – call us first at (844) 487-4743 and we will connect you with the local dealer in your neighborhood that is offering our financing program.

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