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Authorized Generac Generator Dealer in metro Philadelphia, PA, NJ and Florida

We are on a mission.  The Mobile Grid is on a mission.  Our goal is to protect people from the perils of losing power.   We know that our world is changing.  Our weather patterns are resulting in more severe wind, rain and snow storms, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and storm surges.  Our nations’ electrical grid is inadequate to handle our current usage and the utility companies are 20 years behind in capital expenditures.  More importantly, our technological world is changing just as fast.  Social Media. Streaming TV, Smart Home Technology is a collective Trillion Dollar industry.  We literally cannot live without our smartphones.  When wifi goes down it’s a family catastrophe.  What happens when the power goes off?  Nothing works. By the year 2020 – it’s estimated to have over 50 billion connected devices.  The current U.S. household has over 10 connected devices and growing daily.

Our singular focus is to help you purchase a residential generator affordably, monitor it properly so it works when you actually need and help you connect your smart home so everything works together.  We’ve been involved in installing over 1,000 residential generators and are experts in the industry.  Our programs start as low as $99 per month for a whole home generator.

Relationship Driven.  Your generator can last 25 years.  We look at the purchase of a generator as a long-term relationship.  So choose someone to work with that you can trust.  The Mobile Grid is customer-centric.

authorized cummins generator dealer in metro philadelphia, PA, NJ, DE and Florida

Technology Focused.  We are laser-focused on the technology, the manufacturers, the monitoring and how we can make your ownership of a generator more affordable and satisfactory.  We are looking toward the future to make sure your investment is future-proof.

We are building a national network of dealers that have the same beliefs that we do:

    • Customer First
    • Best of Breed manufactures and products
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Affordable Financing
    • Authorized Master Dealers Generac, Cummins & Kohler


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