Residential Standby Generators

The Mobile Grid offers the best of breed residential generators from Generac and Cummins.  Generac is currently supplies 80% of the national generator market. They are the best in the business and we are proud to carry their products.  With an amazing line up of standby generators we can handle any size project from 11 kW to 150 kW and larger for industrial projects.  With great customer support, warranty, and product engineers on standby this is our “go to” choice for residential generators.   You can purchase the home generator directly from us plus ATS switches, pads, etc, and in most cases, we can install it for you.  We have a national network of factory authorized installers that will help you get your new whole home generator installed.  If you are ready to purchase a emergency back up standby generator you can call us at (844) 487-4743.  We are open 24 hours per day!

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Commercial Backup Generators

The Mobile Grid carries a full line of commercial power generators from Cummins, Generac.  Cummins is the nation’s leader in industrial generators but Generac has a great line up light commercial generators as well.  You can purchase the generator and ATS switch and if you need it installed, we have a national network of factory approved commerical generator installers and engineers that can handle a commercial generator project of any size.  There is no shipping or tax on any commercial generator!  Generators are ideal for medical practices, restaurants, businesses with perishable products and more.  Please contact us if you are ready to purchase a commercial generator for your business at (844) 487-4743.  We’re open 24 hours per day!
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Cummins Onan QG 3.6 Propane RV Generator | 3.6KYFA-26120

Generators for Recreational Vehicles

The MobileGrid is an exclusive dealer of Cummins and Onan RV generators. The Cummins Onan generators are the best in class for mobile powered recreational vehicles. Made in the U.S.A. Cummins Onan lead the way with innovative industry-leading products. With a national service network specializinig in RV, motorohomes, our RV generators you can power kitchen appliances, personal electronics. watch TV or listen to music. Free shipping and no tax on any RV generator!  Please call us for a quote on any RV generator.
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Commercial Mobile Generators

The Mobile Grid sells generators for commercial mobile vehicles.  These generators are installed into emergency response vehicles, utility trucks, medical service, food trucks, ambulances, command center, satellite uplink trucks and more. We’ve sold thousands of commercial mobile generators for any vehicle that requires a mobile diesel generator. The best in class products are currently from Cummins Onan.  We carry the full line.  Please contact us for a quote t (844) 487-4743.
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Generac 100 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch Nema 3R with 16 Space Load Center | RTG16EZA3

Automatic Transfer Switches

The Mobile Grid offers automatic transfer switch options from Generac, Cummins and Kohler. Our ATS switches come in multiple sizes depending on the generator that you are using for your projects. All ATS switches are shipped for free with no tax!  Please call us for quote on any Automatic Transfer Switch at (844) 487-4743
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