JuiceBox Pro 40 with JuiceNet: WiFi-equipped 40 Amp UL Listed Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE) with 24-foot cable and NEMA 14-50 plug

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Home Charger and Charging Station

  • JuiceNet features: full app and web-based charging control, including: scheduling, energy metering, notifications, LED charging light indicators, etc. Voice control via Amazon Echo / Alexa.
  • Ideal for home and apartment-dwelling EV drivers who need a charging station powerful enough to quickly recharge the battery between trips at home and are looking to control charging times to avoid peak electric demand/rates.
  • Can be used with any power source: plugs into a dryer, RV-type or regular wall outlet with available adapters. Just install a simple 14-50R outlet and you’re ready to plug in your JuiceBox.
  • Qualifies for eMotorWerks’ JuicePoints rewards program, earning cash payments. PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E utilities.
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JuiceBox(R) Pro 40 is our UL certified connected EVSE with advanced JuiceNet features.

JuiceBox Pro is ready to plug into any NEMA 14-50 outlet or standard 110V outlet (with available adapters) and works with all production EVs on the road today. It offers faster charging and will automatically adjust to your EV and output just as much power as your EV is able to accept. JuiceBox is the smallest EVSE of it’s class on the market – portable and robust, it can slide in and out of the included wall mount bracket and be used as a travel charger.  It is perfect for customers who might have a more powerful onboard charger in their vehicle or who wish to future-proof their EVSE in anticipation of owning a larger-battery EV in the years ahead.  JuiceNet enabled JuiceBox Pro 40 comes with advanced controls and smart grid features:

Smartphone Access: Get access to your real-time and historical charging data on our website or via smartphone apps.
Easy Control: Schedule and control time of charge, instantaneous power, amperage and more. Set up notifications (e.g. start and end of charge, unit offline, unit back online, full charge by certain time).
Voice Control: Monitor, manage, and control your charging experience via voice commands on Amazon Echo / Alexa
Circuit load balancing: Configure two or more JuiceBox charging stations to never exceed the limit of your electrical supply circuit.

Included in your purchase:

1. JuiceBox Pro 40
2. A 40-amp 24-foot charging cable (also known as a J1772 cable
3. A 15″ inch NEMA 14-50 input cable (from box to middle of plug)
4. An aluminum quick-release mounting bracket
5. A J1772 plug and cable holder

JuiceBox Pro works well with ALL production EVs as it utilizes a standard J1772 charging protocol adopted by all EV manufacturers and has many years experience supporting tens of thousands of installed stations across the world.

Juicebox works on all of these cars and more:  Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model XBMW i3, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Fiat 500e, Ford Focus Electric, Honda Clarity Electric, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, Kia Soul EV, Mercedes B250e, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Nissan LEAF, Quantya Strada, Smart ED, Victory Empulse TT, Volkswagen e-Golf