sonnen wall battery for home powerThe Mobile Grid scours the globe for technology that will work for certain applications in the home battery solution.  Companies like Tesla tout a solar/battery solution but there other companies that provide affordable alternatives.  One of the companies that is providing a battery solutions is Sonnen.

The Sonnen Battery is a high-tech storage system that has proven itself in thousands of households – every day. The combination of a PV system and a Sonnen Battery will allow you to cover about 75% of your yearly energy requirement with self-produced and clean energy.

Since your energy is being generated on your roof and not by some anonymous energy provider you are more independent than before. So take your energy future into your own hands and reduce your energy costs to a minimum. The decision for a Sonnen Battery is also a decision for the highest standards in safety and quality that “Made in Germany” stands for.

Morning: minimal energy production, high energy needs.

At sunrise the solar panels start to produce energy, though not enough to cover the morning energy needs. The Sonnen Battery will bridge the gap with the stored energy from the previous day.

Midday: highest energy production, low energy needs.

In the daytime the energy generated from the solar panels is at its peak. But since nobody is home the energy consumption is very low so that most of the generated energy is stored in the sonnenBatterie.

Evening: low energy production, high energy needs.

The highest daily energy consumption is in the evening when the solar panels produce little or no energy. The Sonnen Battery will cover the energy need with the energy produced in the daytime.

What Sonnen Battery is the right one for me?

With the Sonnen Battery hybrid and the Sonnen Battery, we offer two intelligent storage solutions with very distinctive benefits. This enables you to choose the Sonnen Battery that best covers your energy needs.

Maximum flexibility: the Sonnen Battery eco.

If you value a high degree of flexibility the Sonnen Battery eco is the right solution for you. It is not tied to the size or output power of a PV system. So no matter how much energy you plan to produce the Sonnen Battery eco will the perfect addition to your personal energy solution. You can easily connect it to various energy sources like wind generators, heat pumps or fuel cells. This makes the Sonnen Battery eco the perfect choice if you plan to upgrade your existing PV system. It can easily be hooked up to any power source you may be using and will immediately enable you to enjoy clean energy even at night. With the

Amazingly economical: the sonnenBatterie hybrid2.

The Sonnen Battery hybrid stands for maximum economic efficiency. Since the energy that is generated by a photovoltaic system is direct current it needs to be converted to alternating current for you to be able to use it in your home. That‘s why every PV system needs an inverter. The Sonnen Battery hybrid comes with an integrated inverter thereby eliminating the need for an external photovoltaic inverter. The total cost of the photovoltaic system and the Sonnen Battery is noticeably reduced by removing the cost of this component and its installation. This makes the whole system more compact, more efficient and clean energy even more affordable for everyone. With a sensational efficiency of 98,6 %, the Sonnen Battery hybrid ensures that the energy gets from your roof into your household almost without any loss. So that you can enjoy clean inexpensive energy when you need it.

Regardless of what Sonnen Battery model you choose – we guarantee that you will get the best
possible solution for your needs!

 PV + sonnenBatterie eco (with additional PV inverter)

 PV + sonnenBatterie hybrid (without an additional PV inverter)