Cummins Quiet Connect 17kW Air Cooled Home Standby Generator | RS17A

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  • Cummins 17 kilowatt Quiet Connect Series Home Standby Generator.
  • Remote Internet Access to the Quiet Connect Controller and Generator.
  • User-Programmable Exercise including “Crank-Only” Mode.
  • Intelligent Load Management for up to four loads such as Air Conditioners.
  • Starts and runs a 5-ton A/C while accepting a full household load.
  • Field Selectable for Natural Gas or Propane Fuel.
  • Rated for installation as close as 18-inches to the home.
  • Extremely Quiet Operation – 65 dB or less.
  • Operates at 0 degrees out of the box. Cold weather kits add reliable operation for more extreme climates.
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Cummins 17 kilowatt Quiet Connect Standby Generator supplies your entire home during an outage. Requires a Cummins Automatic Transfer Switch (sold separately.)

The RS17A is a home standby generator permanently connected to your house by an automatic transfer switch. The generator operates on your homes existing Natural Gas or LP Gas supply. It monitors the power company distribution lines 24/7, then automatically starts and runs when it detects an outage and continues to run until the utility restores power.

Remote internet access is fully functional and integrated into the generator controller. Access the generator controller on any smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Operate the generator manually, program the exercise cycle, view status and reports, or schedule maintenance. Most home standby generator manufacturers only offer internet access as an add-on feature, but it’s included in every Quiet Connect Generator shipped.

The homeowner can choose the exercise cycle that fits their schedule and lifestyle. A Patented “Crank-Only” mode reduces wear and tear while saving fuel and reducing noise. The engine cranks without starting while the controller performs diagnostics. The generator gets the exercise it needs while the controller ensures that it operates correctly.

Control up to four central air conditioners. The generator controller can remember the load requirements of four different air conditioners and allow them to turn on and off when power is available. This prevents overloading and allows a smaller, more fuel-efficient generator to do the work of a larger unit.

The Cummins RA Series Automatic Transfer Switches (sold separately) have a NEMA 3R rating for indoor and outdoor use. They install between the utility meter and a typical 100-amp or 200-amp main service panel. Both Service Rated and Non-Service Rated switches are available. The generator controller monitors the utility supply 24 / 7 and automatically starts the generator the moment an outage is detected. After the generator starts, it signals the transfer switch to supply the home with power from the generator.

The RS17A produces clean power to operate sensitive electronics or run heavy duty motors and everything in between. From a no load condition to accepting a normal household load, the voltage varies by no more than 1.25 percent. Under steady-state conditions, voltage is still maintained within 1.25 percent and frequency will not vary more than 1.25 percent. Clean, worry free power you can count on.

Quiet Connect RS17A home standby generators are powered by a Cummins QSJ999G Engine, designed and built by Cummins, the world-class leader in diesel and natural gas engines. It runs on LP Gas or Natural Gas—field selectable during installation.

A compact, efficient design packs the Quiet Connect home standby generator into a 34 x 36 x 27 inch aesthetically appealing enclosure with a corrosion resistant aluminum exterior and galvanized steel interior that reduces noise and vibration.

Cummins Power Generation supports the Quiet Connect line with the world’s largest and best trained worldwide network of certified distributors and dealers. This network can answer questions about maintenance and operation and offers a complete selection of maintenance parts, accessories, and products along with manuals and specification sheets.

Quiet Connect Air-Cooled Generators include a five-year / 2000-hour limited warranty that covers travel and labor for two years and parts for a full five years.

Optional Load-Add / Load-Shed Devices can each control two high voltage loads. Suitable for electric hot water heaters, electric dryers, well pumps, and similar loads.

Make installation easier with a Generator Pad. They keep the generator from sinking into the dirt and are required by some local building codes. Using a premade generator pad eliminates the need for a poured concrete base or a pea gravel bed.

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