Motion Sensor QS1230-840

Motion Sensor

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The IQ Motion is designed to be your last line of defense. If an intruder manages to get past your other sensors, the intruder cannot escape the IQ Motion! Programmed to detect infrared heat in bodies over 40lbs. Typically installed pointing AWAY from windows (to reduce false alarms) the IQ Motion has a range up to 35 feet. The IQ Motion can be installed two different ways: to cover an entire room from floor to ceiling or in a “pet sensitive” position, allowing animals under 40lbs to pass under the beams without triggering the alarm.

The Qolsys QS1230-840 IQ Motion-S is an encrypted PIR that is as powerful as it is affordable. Leveraging proprietary S-Line Technology it encrypts signals sent to the IQ panel 2 while still providing support for legacy 319.5 systems. Pet immune up to 40 pounds, the IQ Motion-S is designed to mount on a flat surface or in a corner, and at a variety of angles.

Product Features:

  • Encrypted S-Line sensor technology protects signals sent to the IQ Panel 2 while still providing support for legacy 319.5 systems
  • Provides security coverage up to 35′ in a large open area
  • Easy mounting options in wall corners or on shelf
  • Pet immune up to 40 lbs.
  • Use to create automation rules such as; “When someone enters the room, turn on light” or “Trigger siren when intruder detected”

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