Smoke Detector QS5110-P01/840

Wireless Smoke Detector

  • “Always on” technology ensures the sensor is monitored around the clock, whether your system is armed or not
  • Ultra sensitive smoke sensor prevents false alarms while constantly monitoring
  • Heat sensor detects the rapid rise in heat that comes from a fire- even when there is no smoke (like and electrical fire)
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Connects using RF Security 319.5MHz
  • 3-5 year battery life
  • Requires 3-volt lithium batteries (x2)
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The Qolsys IQ Smoke QS-5110-840 is more than just a noisemaker, this device protects against deadly smoke and heat conditions. It’s a way to detect the presence of multiple fire types, whether you are home or not. The QS-5110-840 connects wireless to your IQ Panel and is monitored 24-7, whether your system is armed or not. And because your system is always connected, you’ll be informed of the problems, wherever you are. The IQ Smoke detects the presence of smoke using photoelectric smoke-sensing technology and conforms to UL 217. Additionally the QS-5110-840 has a heat sensor which detects a rapid rise in heat that typically indicates a fire, even without the presence of smoke.

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